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From 1971 till today, KAHROMIKA has improved itself to be the major electro-mechanical contractor in Egypt, through its extensive participation to most of the projects in the power generation, transmission and distribution. After approximately 40 years of valuable history, KAHROMIKA become today the solution to achieve the formula of success; competitive cost and high quality in the required time. For the previous reasons most of the international companies recommend KAHROMIKA to be their partners in Egypt and Middle East.     


The key word of our success is the strategy which aim to client satisfaction, improve the skill level of our staff, increase our market share and participate in new working fields with new partners. In this regards we established some branches in different countries in the zones of Asia and Middle East and we aim to expand our working zones to cover most of Asia and Africa by the end of year 2017.


Based on our roots in the electro-mechanical field we executed in years 2007 to 2010 fifteen power plant packages in parallel with 5,300 direct skilled labors   in addition to other projects in different fields. The previous facts focused on our enormous capability to manage and finance such number of projects in the same time. For that KAHROMIKA became the first choice for the overseas companies.


Turnkey project execution has always been at the very core of  KAHROMIKA construction enterprise.

Our achievements aren't just historical events they are facts resulted by great efforts.
Hassan Mohamed Hassan

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