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Toshka pumping station is one of the most important bench marks in our success track. It is the biggest pumping station all over the world. KAHROMIKA was recommended by owner and main contractors as " the only solution to carry out the mechanical & electrical works ". We completed the assembly of 21 pumps (16.7 m3/sec each) and 21 motors     (12 MW each) nine months earlier and fabrication of suction pipe & elbow four months earlier than original schedule. Our engineers suggested to HITACHI many things facilitated the assembly of sealing parts and tools.

Our projects
Toshka Pumping Station 
Client : Ministry of Irrigation
Consultant : ADEBCO - CSEGORIE
Partners : SKANSKA - Leader
                   HITACHI - Pump & Motor Supplier
                   Aic - Civil Works
                   KAHROMIKA - Mechanical & electrical Works
Project Type : GIS Substation ( 5 bays )
Project Disc. : 1- Assembly of suction pipe and elbow ( 2400 mm diameter )
                          2- Assembly of volute casing ( about 23 ton / unit ) at site work shop for 21 units
                          3- Assembly of pump rotating parts ( about 23 ton / unit ) at MED workshop for 21 units
                          4- Installation of stationary and rotating parts for main pump including suction &                                discharge valves
                          5- Assembling and installation of 12,000 KW synchronous main motor
                              for 21 units
                          6- Installation of electrical equipment such as CCR, main transformers, MV                               switchgears, reactors, harmonic filters, load communication
                              inverter LCI, LV switchgears, essential LV switchgears
                          7- Assembly, installation and testing of pumping station cranes :
                                 - 2 overhead cranes each 130 ton capacity
                                 - 1 gantry cranes each 130 ton capacity
                                 - 2 gantry cranes each 30 ton capacity
                          8- Assembly, installation and testing of 24 isolating gates
                          9- Assembly, installation and testing of 24 trash racks
                          10- Fabrication, installation and testing of piping systems, dewatering,
                                oil,cooling, …. Etc.
                          11. Installation of cable trays and conduits
                          12. Installation of MV, LM, control and fiber optic cables
Project Duration : 31 month
Contract Value : 7,000,000 USD

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